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once upon a time i was soooo cool that i made popsicles and then i started a popsicle shop but then it melted so then i went over to ur house and we jamed on guitars then we went and sat on the bleachers and we jamed there to then i took off my hat and people put money in it and we both became BILLIONAIRES and ruled the whole FUCKING WORLD.


so i was eating a doughnut and it was chocolate. so then i started a doughnut company. and it was made of doughnuts. so then i solved world hunger and peace cause everyone was to full of doughnutty goodness to fight anymore. so then i got the nobel peace prize and everyone loved me. so then i thought to my self( when i was the most cool person in the world) im gonna go visit my fried jen. so then i went to ur house and we sat on the bleachers and ate chocolate doughnuts. then people followed us . so then we had this huge party on the bleachers. then me u sean and someother guitar players started playing and made 2 billion dollars each. then because me and u were the nicest people in all the land we donated all of our money to the poor people. so now even the people on mars loved us. so eventruallly everyone and thing loves us.



i was walking down a street when the aleins apperaed. they pulled there space ship up to me and said "brad we need your help , ur the only one who isnt mean(besides jen of course). when i got in they told me that ryan was evil and that he needed to be stoped, so they gave me a ryan beating stick. so i went to ryans house and knocked on the door nicely. when ryan opened it he was wearing a micheal jackson suit(thats as bout as evil as it gets). so i started beating him with the ryan beating stick. but it turns out that that wasnt ryan, that was actrually micheal jackson about to rape ryan.(the aleins thought it was ryan becuase they overheard micheal jackson say im (cuttout noise when micheal said "gonna rape") ryan). so in the end ryan was never evil (even though he calleed me fatt in his terrible story) and i had a heart attack because i was in pissing distance of micheal jackson, but dont worry ... i survived cause im sooo nice.ohh yea and the ryan beating stick didnt kill micheal, yea i no that woulda been nice , but it made him black again SOO THE WHOLE WORLD WAS RUINED!!